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hey guys,

i've been considering getting cams for my spyder for a while and i've narrowed it down to these 2:


2: -this is the stage 2 from crower were it says it needs upgraded springs

The stage 2 set i'll rather but MWR says i don't need to upgrade my valve springs if i don't exceed the stock rev limiter

(which i can't as its a SMT and is restricted to 7000rpm by the TSU) but Crowers site says i do need to upgrade the springs if i get the stage 2

Which stage would you guys recommend i don't mind the rough idle the stage 2 give, and it won't cause problems with the higher idle on the SMT to creep (i think)

This is the last performance upgrade i do and i've read the stage 1 don't offer much of a performance boost but i can't find anyone who has used stage 2 on a 1zz let alone a SMT

Turbo or a 2zz is not an option and very expensive in Oz and as when i turn 25 (soon) insurance drops and i'm getting a lotus, but keeping the spyder as my DD
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