Have a customer whose MR2 is missing the stock jack so he is carting around a giant scissor jack from a SUV, it doesn't fit in the stock bag so it just rattles around behind the seats. Obviously he wants this fixed but the dealer can't help and no Toyota models readily found in local yards use the same jack size.

Surely someone has a stock one sitting around from a parts car that hasn't ever been used. I don't think they are any differences 00-05 model years.

Let me know. I'll need it sent to me in Canada but the post office can do that.

PS I'm only going to charge them what I need to pay for the jack and shipping so you'll really be doing him a favour here. It's a big pain because the Spyder was never sold here in Canada and I can't find any jacks from other small Toyotas that look like they will fit. I'll take suggestions on that front but would really just prefer the OEM jack for the Spyder.