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Update 4 August 2022:

After taking a short break from working on the navpod (family was in town), I was finally able to test fit the head unit I purchased inside my latest model revision. As of now, I am 100% satisfied with the internal fitment of the head unit and will exclusively be focusing on (a) the external fitment of the unit within the car and (b) the aesthetics of the main body and faceplate. I have enclosed pictures of the unit in its current stage below.

I'm really trying to get the design of this part sorted before the end of this month, as my (real) work will pick up again and I'll have a lot less time to play around with car stereos and 3D printing. Either way, I'll do my best to continue my updates whenever they are warranted.

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For reference, the material used here is copolyamide, a member of the Nylon family. I anticipate that this is the material I will be using in the final production, as I am very pleased with the results I'm getting with it and the strength is more than sufficient for a non-loadbearing part.
This is amazing! Finally a use for that compartment, I was interested in getting the “spotify car thing YX5H6679” since it slots into the XD slot but now this has caught my interest!
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