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I've got some things to sell that it's just sitting in my garage. I need to unload before I can buy some things for my 2. Some of them new and some barely used. I'll keep adding as I edit the pictures. So here you go:

Delrin shift cable bushings - SOLD
TRD shift knob SOLD
B&M Shift knob SOLD
OEM Shift Cover SOLD
DEKA Sports Battery SOLD
00-02 Rear grill SOLD

I also have the following, but don't have pictures:

OEM radio $28 shipped.

OEM Exhaust $50 pick up only in SoCal.

00-02 Side Vents $25 shipped. Repainted this in KRYLON gray paint.

OEM Oil Cap $8 shipped.

OEM wheel caps $40 shipped

OEM Shift knob $18 shipped

Here's another picture of the OEM knob
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