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Techstream and Mongoose J2534

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I bought a Mongoose J2534 thingy and supporting Techsteam software from China based on advice from this forum. I followed their instructions to install the USB driver for the thingy, and I've then upgraded to the latest version (V7.00.020 ?) of Techstream, and got it up and running with a valid key.

But, when I connect the thingy to my diagnostics port on the MR2 MK3, and my laptop, and then click on "Connect to vehicle", I get an error saying it can't get communication going.

The red LED on the thingy lights up, so it's definitely getting something from my laptop, however I suspect there's a problem with the driver.

Has anybody else experienced issues ? I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium BTW.

A final point. Having fitted the thingy to the diagnostics port on the car, I can't get it off again ! And with the limited manoeuvrability and visibility I can't see why the heck it won't come off. Any ideas ?

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I remember something about Win 7 having to run in 'Capatability Mode?' Ive seen Ver 5 x running on XP.. I like XP..

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