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Top Adjustment to remedy rain leak

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I keep my Spyder garaged since I bought it. It's only been caught in the rain a few times because it has a draining leak on the passenger side, windshield to side window. I searched the threads and found out where to adjust the front latches.

The leaky side latch to snug it up is always the one that takes more effort to latch up. The passenger side less so.

What am I going for to adjust to get rid of the leak? Trial and error? Balanced tightness on the latches? Side window adjustments?

All of the weather stripping is in excellent condition with no rips, many pieces new. Some lightly coated with Shin Etsu.

One of the previous owner had the top removed for a repaint, so perhaps the body shop missed perfecting the refit. They left off many fasteners like the cable fastener and loose brackets it mounts to. Fixed that years ago.

If anyone has adjustment tips, I appreciate your help and advice. I will DIY it.

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Look for a metal tab on the “A” post, about halfway up. It frequently gets bent and folded over. Preventing the glass from sealing to the “A” pillar. The tab should be sticking out past the glass.
Good idea. The tab is supposed to have a plastic bead molded onto it, but that can get broken off. To clarify, that tab should not be crimped in on the weatherstrip.
Thank you both very much! Will check.
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