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Trouble Shooting My SMT

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I have a 2004 mr2 6spd smt with 80k miles and not long ago it stopped moving! The green neutral light is flashing, the smt light is on, and it is beeping. I can seemingly put it into 1, 2, and R but the car doesn't move whatsoever so I'm lead to believe it's stuck in neutral. Here's what I've done so far I have flushed the smt fluid and gear oil, I cleaned off the input shaft speed sensor, and I replaced the clutch with monkey wrenches smt specific clutch kit. PLEASE HELP
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Definitely try to save the position sensors if they test bad. They’re not hard to disassemble and see what’s going on.
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I need to buy both a GSA and HPU reseal kit along with a GSA fixing tool if you would kindly email me @ [email protected]

Also, how effective do you think a custom position sensor gasket with a canopy to direct fluid from a leaky GSA would be in terms of preventative maintenance?
Certainly worth a try! I’ve seen some very leaky GSA units continue to function well. And brake fluid is cheap, if a little messy under the car. Maybe a thick rubber (EPDM) gasket to replace the aluminum spacer? Or maybe pack an absorbent women’s product into the GSA to absorb leaky fluid, and change it periodically.
Is the last bolt the one inside the access window? Be careful with that one. 12mm head. Be sure to get square on the head so you don’t round off the flats. It should be very tight (18 ft lb!)
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