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Hello all,

Unfortunately last week my turboed spyder of only 3000 miles got rear ended while I was at a stop light. The frame on the passenger side was very slightly folded and so the car was declared totaled... (1 month after painting, putting on a new bumper, and a turbo kit)

I've been into spyders for about two years now, but I think it is time to move on to a new platform (let me know if you have any recommendations), and so I am selling the parts that I have acquired over the years.

The turbo kit on a 1zz in my opinion is much better than a 2zz (as I have had both) as it is easier to install (honestly takes one day if you know what you're doing) and it is much more driveable since it has low end torque (boost starts at 1400 and full boost at 2800). Max boost is 4.5psi so reliability is still preserved. I can upload a video of how to install the kit if anyone is interested. The kit is $3500 new last I checked.

Parts and prices (all in good working condition):
Power Enterprise Turbo Kit $2500 obo
Duraflex C1 front bumper $200
Cloth seats without tears (late model) $300
Driver side tail light (late model) $80
Driver and passenger side mirrors (ok condition) $60 for both
I also have a yellow spyder with 92k miles (SMG) with some paint issues in some areas for $4500
AND a manual silver spyder with 170k miles for $3500


Located in Athens, Georgia. Prices are not including shipping.

Feel free to ask me questions.
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