Putting out a feeler on everything I own related to MR2s. The price listed is not my actual goal. Send an offer, you never know! My goal would be to sell everything as a single lot. I'm about to graduate from university with a mechanical engineering degree and will not have room for all of my cars in a new home so I have to figure out which ones can go and which can stay... I really don't want to sell these, but it will probably be necessary.. I have two Spyders, both 2002s, and A LOT of spare parts!
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The black and silver one is completely stock with a little over 200k miles. The story with this one is that the car was originally a black rolling chassis. I purchased a wrecked silver Spyder and took both cars entirely apart and put the best parts from both onto the black chassis, I even moved the brand new windshield from the silver one to the black one! (Do not suggest doing, its a job and a half, but done correctly with 3M window weld.) Although high mileage, this car has been completely gone through mechanically and is my most trusted car. The engine was rebuilt about 30k miles ago with an engine master full engine rebuild kit. The engine before the rebuild was burning a lot of oil, but was never run low. The rebuild included a full gasket set, STD size upgraded pistons, rings, bearings, new clutch, and a light hone job. Since the rebuild it can go about 10k miles before losing 1 quart of oil. I change the oil on all of my cars with Rotella T6, on this one every 5000 miles, every 3500 on the turbo one. The car has had all the struts replaced with KYB factory replacements. It also has really nice ceramic window tint which I highly recommend. This car was my daily commuter for a few years before transferring to a university with zero parking! It has a newer aftermarket soft top in excellent shape and newly recovered black seats with real leather. This car has a ton of potential, with a nice paint job it's an excellent example of a stock Spyder, a lot of people ask me if the color scheme is factory, it almost looks that way.

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The second Spyder is a 2002 with 193k miles on the chassis. To me, this is the idea combination of parts on a Spyder. I looked at many options, from 2zz, to 2GR, K swap, etc. It always came back to just adding a turbo being the best compromise. This car has been garaged its entire life, the chassis is spotless. The paint does have the typical clearcoat peeling starting, but it's still a very nice looking car. As soon as I got the carbon top I had it ceramic coated and rigorously maintain the finish on it. The car does not have a soft top currently, though I do have a couple soft top frames. I have been building this car for track use, but went back to school and those dreams have somewhat faded. There is almost nothing done to the car that is irreversible, I think the most I've had to do is cut off one of the exhaust mounts to make room for the intake. You aren't going to see one like this often. The part list follows:

MWR stock rebuilt 1zz (As far as I can tell it's just a stock rebuild, this came in the car but it's been excellent)
C66 UK LSD 6 Speed (Absolutely makes the car, 3200rpm at 80mph is great and the LSD transforms the handling of the vehicle.)
CXRacing T3/4 AR .48 journal turbo
3 port electronic boost controller
Cast turbo manifold (fits 1zz and 2zz)
Wideband innovate o2 sensor
Deka IV 875CC injectors
DW300C fuelpump
e85 compatible stainless braided fuel lines with a return added.
K&N apollo Intake
Custom TMIC with SPAL fan (I've never had this setup heat soak on the street)
Micron 2.5" titanium muffler. (Exhaust has no cat but only weighs 3lbs)
11lb lightweight flywheel
Spec Stage 3+ clutch (just replaced last week)
PowerTrix 4k/7k coilovers (Awesome on a great road, but very stiff.)
Corky's plate
Toyo R888R 225/40R15 tires with less than 2000 miles on Konig Dial In flow formed wheels
WPS 2lb battery remotely located
Winbook DIY gauge screen

This car is an ABSOLUTE WEAPON on a nice road such as the parkway, it can ride a little too rough at times though as it is being built for the track. There is so much I can say about this car, I'm sure I will forget some things. It currently runs around 8psi to 5500, then 10psi sometimes 11-12 near redline, timing maxes around 15-16 degrees under full load. My best conservative guess is around 250-300whp. I did have the car dynoed in the past, but due to some flaws in my tune at the time I was only able to run at 5.5psi and around 10 degrees of timing. At that point it made a solid 200whp with a flat torque curve from 3000rpm. Because of the smaller turbine housing the power comes on fast and builds to redline. It feels more like a larger NA engine than turbo.

I've done all of the tuning myself with a little help from professionals. At this point it is very well sorted. I have spent literal years developing this map, it fits the car almost perfectly. I can go over everything for someone seriously interested in the cars. In my opinion this tune blows the MWR OTS tune for the EMS4 out of the water. I have an extremely complex AFR target map that targets not only power but also fuel efficiency. I also have the knock control system implemented correctly, something surprisingly missing from the MWR map.. The map is also designed to pull timing for certain conditions such as a high IAT. The only problem with the tune currently is that on hot starts the car wants to drop to idle too quickly which causes it to stall if you don't feather it for the first 5 seconds or so. This is a limitation of the AEM EMS4, I have tried contacting them about it but they provide zero support for this ecu. There are many software issues with the EMS4 and it simply cannot be tuned out because of a flaw in the software design. If there is one thing I would redo on this car it would be to use a better ECU setup, I will not be using AEM in the future based on this experience.. It works but it definitely has a lot of compromises.

The car is built with e85 in mind, but it has never been run on e85 or tuned for it. Without a built motor it's not really worth it, and I honestly enjoy the car so much with a stock motor I don't really have the desire to build one for it. With a built motor this car has the fuel system for over 500whp, and I think the turbo would nearly do it; maybe with a larger turbine housing. Good luck finding a transmission that can hold that kind of power though!

Finally, I have almost an entire 3rd car worth of parts. Everything from the silver chassis that wasn't used on the black car was kept. I did get rid of the chassis as it was wrecked in the rear but I have almost everything else including the rear fenders. I have all three sets of factory wheels in a variety of states. I also have 3 spare engines in a variety of states... and a few spare transmissions, including a Celica GTS transmission that needs a case (Around $250, motor mount was ripped off during a crash in the donor car). I have all of the original body panels from the black car but they are in pretty rough shape. Both cars are in driving condition. That's about all I have for now, I don't really have a price in mind at the moment, really just looking to see if anyone is even interested. Let me know!