Selling my pfc as I’m going to be engine swapping in the future and no longer need this.. price reflects what’s included. But open to offers and individual component sales.
1zz-fe apexi pfc
Commander Handheld unit

White Devices(cost of this whole setup new is around $425) built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth add on allows you to use the RealDash application for real time monitoring and custom dash boards.
  • Bluetooth add-on ($25 new)
  • Usb add-on ($25 new)
  • Pre terminated Sensor wiring harness ($195 new)
  • Unterminated sensor harness
  • Wb02 harness
Dell touch screen laptop running Windows XP 32bit
  • FcEdit pre installed
  • CoPilot pre installed
  • Multiple maps included
  • Fair warning, internal Battery is dead, but plugged in laptop works without issue, so it will need a new battery or power inverter.

misc. items
Custom commander hand controller holder. This was a group buy years ago.

Powertune digital dash. This is an As-Is type of thing and is more for playing around with. I compiled the code from source and it works with the pfc. I didn’t do any extensive testing with it, but a new powertune dash from the company runs between $400-500… but, it’s just a raspberry pi with a screen.. I just spent my time compiling the open source portion of their software.

pressure sensor and harness - for a turbo application, this pressure sensor and harness plugs directly into the pfc. The standard 1zz pfc doesn’t allow boost control, but you can monitor the levels. This is a map sensor which allows exactly this. Only tested in fcEdit and was functional and able to be viewed. It also shows in the commander handheld unit.