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Stock 1zz MT ECU modified with adjustable rev limit. Tired of hitting the rev limiter in the middle of a slalom? Now you can raise the rev limit. This unit is capable of overclocking the stock ECU. Has 2 buttons inside the cover of the Magnum module that you can use to bump the rev limit up above stock or back down towards stock. Hold both buttons for 3 seconds to reset to stock. 8500 max RPM is about the most you can get out of this unit before the idle gets confused. Must be reset to stock clocking before connecting an OBDII scan tool. Could be used to blow up your engine if you like. Use at your own risk. The Magnum module can be dissasembled and placed inside of the ECU if your racing rules require that.
Includes stock ECU with Magnum module connected as shown.

$199 shipped to continental US. Paypal accepted as payment.

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