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Weekend on the blueridge parkway

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Brought my mr2 spyder to a event , out handle a bunch of cars, only to be beaten on a car show by a 5 YEARS OLD M4.
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I know that overlook! Pisgah right?

You would have won against that M if you had some carbon fiber or cool flower shaped brakes.
I think so, somewhat next to bonne

well. the show is not how we think it would have win, its one of those shows heavily bias against modded car, like one of those local shows, I will explain to ya in next meet
think about like a mix of concourse and stock cars , plus .....
Watch it, Spunky 😏
well i guess it is what is and i could have use better words i guess
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Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a great time.
When you say that you out handled a number of cars can you go more into detail.

well let say on a mountain cruise, the only cars that attack the corner much better are the photographer's s2k and my Spyder, the 2zz and 6 speed box really makes the car much much better. we pretty much handle the corner and take corners a lot more effective than G and Zs.

i literally got chased by my own spyder when i am driving my g35.
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