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Wheels: 17" Advanti vs 15" Sparco

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Sharing my wheel/tire combo. Both of these sets came with the car:

Black Advanti Storm Black = 17x8 +35 offset 205/40/R17 (square set-up)
Gold Sparco Trofeo = 15x6 195/50R15 16x6.5 205/45R16 (bigger'n the back)

Local roads are fairly beat-up. Suspension is stock, a bit aged but not horribly so.

Ride quality on the Advanti's is rough with regular rubbing from the front-left. I swapped to the Sparcos, the ride quality is significantly better. I don't have to crawl over speed bumps or live in fear of potholes.

Visually I thought I'd prefer the murdered-out look of the Advanti's. But the Sparcos have grown on me. I wouldn't have picked the color, but it works.

What do you think?

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Hot take but IMHO I don't think 17s look great on these cars just because of how 'lowered' the car can be at the wheel well yet still looks like an offroader at the frame rails/undercarriage. In addition you'd need extensively purpose bought & adjusted suspension to make the ride quality jarring at best for city driving. Also, you rub at the front left because you're in the car....I'm sure with a passenger you'd rub at the front right during both turns & over bumps.

If the Advantis were 15" that would win by a landslide. However, the color of the Sparcos is extremely off-putting to me, especially on a black car. I'd put the Advantis on, paint the Sparco wheels bronze or gunmetal with a touch of metallic flake, paint the side vents color matched, & then sell those stretched wheels/tires to a wanna-be hot boii to cover the costs. The only shame is the rear wheels aren't also 15" which makes tire options more plentiful.
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Reminds me of what it was like trying to put on a condom.
If you're putting it on all the way over the watermelons too you may have been doing it wrong?
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