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Where has this car been?

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I decided to sand and repaint the portion of the car where you jack up the car. While I was sanding, dirt started pour out. I hope it dirt and the ashes of the previous owner.

Ode to Phil Collins
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Oh hey IG friend 馃憢 I didn't watch that with audio till just now, that's hilarious

Mine had plenty of dirt/sand/grit all up in everywhere when I removed the fender liners; I assumed it was just 20 years' worth of exposure to whatever dirt etc was on the roads that got kicked up into the underside of the car. I'll be curious about any other answers.
I was going to remove the bolts under there but they are rounded off :mad:
That is probably the most cost effective weight reduction any spyder has gotten
I wished the driver could get a weight reduction! I'm holding back my car's potential.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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