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Going to pick up my 2ZZ in a few weeks, but still need a few parts before I can complete the swap.

What I still need is:

-header (prefer anything that will bolt up to the stock 1zz exhaust)
-wiring harness (may just wire myself, but if someone has one for sale...)
-air intake (going with just the Celica ECU, so if anyone has a PPE 2zz swap intake...)

What I am interested in buying if someone has one available:

-c60 tranny

If I do get a c60, I'd be interested in the following if someone has:

-reverse blockout for 6-speed
-shifter shaft for 6-speed

Looking for prices cheaper than what I would get from MWR shipped for most of the parts, but offer up whatever you have, as I'll probably be interested.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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