Long story short: off-camber turn, some sand, back end got loose, decided it was time to see how a Spyder performs off road. There <might> have been a small tree and barb-wire fence eventually involved somewhere during that sojourn.

Want to buy (preferably in Absolutely Red to match our Spyder and cut down on paint shop hours):
Driver's side (left) Fender (Part No. 5380121700)
Driver's side (left) Mirror (Part No. 8794017340D0)
Splash Shield under the front bumper (Part No. 5737117020)
Right Side windshield wiper arm (Part No. 8521117080)

Also a possibility: PFL (Pre-Face Lift) headlights on both sides.

We have a shop doing the work and their concern is acquiring the parts, so I told them I'd reach out to my Spyder Bretheren to see what's out there. Part numbers are from their estimate sheet. Car is in USA, so it's a LHD vehicle.

Thanks in advance!