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Like the title says I'm looking to buy a Mr2 Spyder in the Bay Area. Would be nice to pick one up from someone on the boards.

Less than 100K on the engine, lower miles the better

03 and up preferred (if you have a 00-02 you will have to let me inspect the precats)

*Any color but yellow (in order of preference: Black, Spectra Blue, White, the other blue, silver, green, red, yellow)

*5 speed only (no SMT)

*Prefer original rims

*I've got cash in hand - if you have something extra clean and 03+ I migh be able to go up a little higher

PM me and we can setup a time to take a look at your car.

(Also willing to trade my MK1 as part of the deal - I can tell you about it if you'd like to know more)

-I'd love to buy your $15K low mileage 03+ just don't have the budget for it. :(

email me at crcolton at
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